DJ Quilter

Front-End Developer

Node.js Boilerplates

I took the time to learn a bit about Node.js in the last few weeks. In general, it was a really enjoyable experience, but having knocked around a few different tutorials and built a couple of basic prototypes, I found I was doing the same (or at least a very similar) setup process every time.

Enter the Node.js Boilerplate. For all of your quickstart Node.js needs!

I’m sure there are other Node.js boilerplates out there, and there are probably a fair few better ones. I have tried to produce these with a rather heavy amount of commenting though, so if you’re brand new to Node.js, hopefully these will help to explain what’s going on.

In my learnings, I used Express, which is a framework for Node.js applications. I also integrated MongoDB, which is a no-SQL database, and Handlebars for the HTML templating. I have (or will) create boilerplates for the different configurations. Enjoy!